Thank you for participating in the Las Vegas Juneteenth Festival’s 21st annual event! With over 45 vendors and sponsors, we expect this year’s festival to be both exciting and fantastic. This vendor packet should answer any questions you may have regarding your participation. Bookmark this page or copy and print. But first, read it thoroughly.


Friday, May 20th, 2022 – Last day to submit payment of fees to secure your vendor booth
Saturday, June 18th, 2022Setup begins at 12pm. ALL vendors MUST be set up no later than 4pm. (NO LATE SETUP!)

Saturday June 18, 2022 – Breakdown 
– ALL vendors/sponsors MUST be prepared to begin breakdown of their respective booths promptly at 9PM.

Saturday June 18, 2022Food Trucks may begin staging in the front bus lot adjacent to the registration entry at 1pm. Please be advised, however, that NO vendors are permitted to begin food sales until 4:30pm. Upon your arrival there will be someone there to position each food vendor vehicle or mobile kitchen setup. Please call primary event P.O.C at 702-981-1326 when arriving.

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  • Vendors/Sponsors at this year’s festival are provided a space that is 10ft x 10ft that is separated with pipe & drape configuration.


  • Vendors will be provided one (1) standard 6-foot banquet table, two (2) folding chairs, and one (1) black table covering for the event.
  • Sponsors will be provided one (1) standard 6-foot banquet table, three (3) banquet style chairs, and one (1) black table covering with skirt and clips for the event.
  • The 6’ tables are 6’ long, 30” wide and 30” in height. You will have room to stand behind or in front of your table. One (1) table covering(s)/linen(s) is/are included.
  • Food Truck and Mobile Kitchen vendors will receive a wide-open space in the bus parking area adjacent to the EXPO Center main registration entrance. Food trucks will be given enough space for their truck and likewise for mobile kitchens and will be directed to arrange themselves in a crescent configuration. Position in this configuration is based on arrival time. 
  • Food Trucks may arrive as early as 2pm and should be fully prepared to serve guests by 4pm.


  • Additional table coverings/linens if bringing additional table(s)
  • Tabletop display and/or signage that fits your brand (and your table size)
  • Extension cords and gaffers tape (if you requested or require electricity)
  • Business cards, handouts, marketing material etc.
  • A way to capture people’s contact info (we do not provide a lead list- this will be your responsibility.
  • Pens/paper (if necessary)
  • Snacks + water (do not bring/supply alcoholic beverages as this is an alcohol free event.)
  • Swag items reflecting your brand, if desired
  • A helper/assistant


When you arrive at the venue your table will be set up for you. Upon your arrival, a Festival Ambassador will direct you to your designated space.


  • The venue is located at 435 S. Grand Central Pkwy. Las Vegas, NV 89106
  • Load in begins on Saturday, June 18 at 12pm. All vendors must be set up completely by 4pm, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • You will load in through the South Hall loading dock doors located at the rear of the South Hall exhibit area.
  • If you require a cart for loading in you must bring your own.
  • Please unload your items quickly and then move your car to a designated parking area prior to setting up your space. You MUST NOT stay in the loading area for more than 15 minutes as there will be other vendors requiring space and time to unload.

Electricity is limited. Those who have requested electricity access in their application have been located near outlets. You MUST bring power strips, extension cords and gaffer’s tape or electric tape (to secure any loose cords).

Please begin breaking down your space immediately at event’s end (9pm)BUT NOT BEFORE. Pack up your space, then bring your car around to load out. Please make sure you clean up after yourself and remove all your garbage. Again, any vendor who leaves a mess will not be allowed to participate in the following year’s event. Load out should be completed by 10pm.

The official digital flyer for the festival can be found below.  Save it to your desktop and put it on your website, blog, Facebook, and other social media pages, etc. Help us spread the word!

Right click on the image below to save/download.


Where is the 21st Annual Las Vegas Juneteenth Festival taking place?
This year’s festival will be held inside The Expo at World Market Center located at 435 S. Grand Central Pkwy. Las Vegas, NV 89106.

What are the hours of the festival?
The official festival hours are from 5pm – 9pm.

What is the standard vendor booth size for the festival?
Vendors at this year’s festival are provided a space that is 10ft x 10ft that is separated with pipe & drape. 

Are tables and chairs included with my booth space?
Yes. The Las Vegas Juneteenth Festival will provide each vendor with one (1) standard 6-foot banquet table, two (2) folding chairs, and one (1) black table covering for the event.

Is it ok to bring additional tables, chairs, racks, stands, etc.?
Vendors/Sponsors are welcome to bring additional items necessary to establish their marketplace area as long as these additional items do not extend beyond their allotted area or intrude on adjacent vendor spaces or into the patron aisle.

Will power be provided for vendor/sponsor booths?
Normally the Las Vegas Juneteenth Festival does not provide power to any vendor/sponsor booths, however, given that this year’s event will be taking place indoors there may be some very limited access to electrical power. If your booth requires power, you must make that request upon registering for your space. Please be aware that these requests will be addressed on a case-by-case basis and cannot be guaranteed until time of event.

When is the deadline for vendor booth fee payment?
All vendors must remit payment for their respective booth space no later than Friday May 20th, 2022. NO vendor space is guaranteed until payment has been made in full.

What if I need to cancel?
Please be advised that ALL deposits and payments for vendor space at the 21st Annual Las Vegas Juneteenth Festival are non-refundable. Once deadline for booth payment has passed, any money already received for booth fees will be considered an in-kind donation to the Las Vegas Juneteenth Festival and Rainbow Dreams Educational Foundation.

When can I setup my vendor/sponsor booth?
Setup for vendors/sponsors will begin on Saturday June 18, 2022 at 12pm and will conclude promptly at 4PM. Vendors/sponsors may setup anytime within this window. All vendors/sponsors should have their booth completely setup by 4PM and no later as not to interfere with the start of the festival.

Will there be event staff available to help me with setup?
Although we will not have any staff members available to help vendors/sponsors with setup we will do our best to have festival volunteers available to assist in key areas throughout the festival. Availability of volunteers is not guaranteed; therefore, we encourage ALL vendors/sponsors to arrive at the event with adequate manpower required to setup, man, and dismantle their booth.

Can I select where my booth will be located?
Vendor spaces will be assigned at the discretion of the Las Vegas Juneteenth Festival Committee. Please be advised that NO guarantees regarding location will be made. Our goal is to do our absolute best to accommodate ALL vendors/sponsors to the best of our ability.

Can I play music at my booth?
Yes. Amplified sound is permitted but only to a level that will not interfere with live entertainment, event hosts, DJs, and guest speakers. In the event you are asked by festival staff to decrease the output level or turn off completely you must comply.

Can I have balloons at my booth?
HELIUM BALLOONS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Balloons may only be displayed at a booth if they are air filled.

Where is the closest available parking?
Self-parking is available in our covered parking garage that contains 3,100 spaces. It is accessible from W. Symphony Park Avenue between Martin Luther King Boulevard and S. Grand Central Parkway. The Expo @ WMCLV can also be reached from Bonneville near the I-15 overpass (between S. Grand Central Parkway and Martin Luther King Blvd.)

Continued gratitude to our corporate sponsors & community partners.

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